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JustPeace is a practice, a movement and a network of individuals, communities, and congregations dedicated to bringing forth a culture of justpeace to communities, the nation, and the world.

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3 December 2013

Today is "Giving Tuesday"

Consider making a donation to the ministry of JustPeace to honor "Giving Tuesday".  » Read More

2 December 2013

Save the Date: JustPeace Announces Webinar Series for 2014

Save the date! Beginning in January, JustPeace will offer a series of 5 webinars designed to strengthen principles and skills in faith-based conflict transformation.  » Read More

1 December 2013

Meeting and Mismeeting: Supervision and Leading Committees in an I-Thou Way

Dr. W. Craig Gilliam: "Our theology is demonstrated through our relational interactions, whether in the church or out of it, in heated committee meetings or personal, one-on-one encounters. Meeting is the encounter with Other through others, and paradoxically the encounter with other(s) through Other and both impact our meeting with Self. When communion and genuine encounter happen, God is there."   » Read More

22 November 2013

UMW: Apply for a Young Women’s Leadership Seminar in Korea

The Scranton Women's Leadership Center (SWLC) will hold its annual peace program for young women in Seoul, Korea, on July 7 - July 17, 2014. U.S. women (ages 18-30) will be joining other participants from Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries. The purpose of the seminar is to learn about peace issues in Northeast Asia as they relate to the United States and the world, and gain an understanding on how to practice being a peacemaker in our globalized society.  » Read More

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