Around the Web – August 19, 2016

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

August 19, 2016

UMC Young People –  Young People’s Ministries Race Interviews – At the end of July, a group of leaders from across the U.S. came together in Dallas to work on ways to envision sustainable resourcing to impact racism, racial justice, and racial reconciliation with young people in the United Methodist Church. Kendra Dunbar from JustPeace co-facilitated the event and JustPeace intern Marissa Walker participated. – Prayer walk for racial peace unites community – Rev. Michael Beck of Wildwood United Methodist Church in Florida writes about how church leaders in his community organized a Prayer Walk for Racial Peace, how it changed his city, and how congregations around the country can follow Wildwood’s example.

“We also believe we can help other communities replicate what we did. We think we have a model, so to speak, that we want to share with other communities, asking only that they will in turn expand the reconciliation movement themselves!”

GCORR – Vital Conversations – The General Commission on Religion and Race has a rich website that offers ideas, tools and resources for starting or joining conversations about racial justice and diversity that can transform lives, congregations and communities.

“Vital conversations are essential for every Christian community that strives to deepen individual and corporate faith and worship, bring new people into relationship with God, and to make a credible witness to the power of Christ and His church to transform the world for the better.”

Alliance for Peacebuilding – AfP Seeks Neuroscience, Spirituality & Peacebuilding Intern – AfP is looking for an intern for their program called, Re-Wiring the Brain for Peace: Bridging Neuroscience, Peacebuilding and Spirituality.

AfP is seeking a creative, highly motivated student to assist with conducting the comprehensive mapping of the field, as well as supporting the work of the working groups and the overall project. The candidate should have familiarity with the literature on peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Times Live South Africa – Tutu: What do we do to turn back the tide of hatred‚ corruption and destruction?Archbishop Desmond Tutu responds to recent displays of public violence with an emotional Op-Ed calling for the global community to acknowledge our interdependence and need for each other.

In effect‚ instead of reconciling anything‚ we are unravelling the human family. We are closing our eyes to our commonality‚ to our common purpose and our common interest. We are disavowing the love and compassion with which we were born. We are subverting the fact that we are made for inter-dependence.

Kraybill Table – Conflict as Spiritual Path – Ron Kraybill reminds us that the work of conflict transformation takes more than just skills and know-how. In the heat of conflict, we must be spiritually grounded in order to rise above the fight, flight or freeze response. In this post, he offers four steps towards conflict as a spiritual path.

“By recognizing you have choices and taking responsibility to reflect on and grow in choosing well, in ways that reflect the essence of your life and being, you make conflict a spiritual path.”

PeaceSigns – All We Need is Love – And a lot of Dialogue  – shows the importance of being committed to mutual respect and understanding in the face of terrorism and describes the three levels of reconciliation: 1) Internal reconciliation, 2) reconciliation with our communities, and 3) reconciliation between communities.

“All we need to move toward healing in our world is sincere love and the courage to engage and dialogue with those who feel their lives do not matter to the broader society.  Then the diversity of the world God created will no longer be something to fear, but rather will be something beautiful to celebrate in unity.”


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