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The Atlantic – How One Pastor is Bridging the Partisan Divide

Great story in the Atlantic about Adam Hamilton’s efforts to bridge partisan divides in his congregation.
“But finding ways to respect divergent views doesn’t mean that people will agree. “We’ve had members of both parties running against each other,” he said, stressing that congregants could share goals even as they disagree over the means of achieving them.”

Where Angels Dare to Dance now available as an E-book

In the last few years, Craig Gilliam’s Where Angels Dare to Dance has been one of JustPeace’s most popular resources. Due to its popularity and demand, we decided to offer the book as an ebook in addition to the printed version. It is available in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Click here to purchase it through the JustPeace store.

Knoxville News Sentinel: I am an American – Pastor Rennie Salata aims for reconciliation

The Knoxville News Senitel highlighted Rev. Rennie Salata and the work he’s doing to foster reconciliation in his church, Acton United Methodist Church, and the surrounding community in Enka, NC. Following the 2016 election, Rev. Salata’s congregation is engaging in dialogue across political differences and learning to “come together to support and love one another and continue to have a relationship despite those differences.”

Share Hope / Shared Hope

We believe it is essential that United Methodists continue to claim our calling as people who offer Christ’s healing, reconciliation, restoration, and peace in every place.

For this reason, we invite United Methodists and other friends of JustPeace to reflect on the last 15 years and identify the ways in which you have seen God moving people in your congregation or community to become reconcilers or peacemakers.