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Young United Methodists gather for a discussion on race

A group of clergy, youth pastors, young adults, and staff from the Division on Ministries with Young People (DMYP) from all five United Methodist jurisdictions came together over the last weekend of July to discuss race and racial justice within the United Methodist Church in Lake Dallas, Texas. Kendra Dunbar, a member of the JustPeace staff collective, was a co-facilitator of the conversation.

Raymond G. Helmick, SJ: A Eulogy by Rodney L. Peterson

(We celebrate the life of Father Ray Helmick (September 7, 1931-April 21, 2016). He was a friend of JustPeace and colleague of Tom Porter through the Boston Theological Institute. This eulogy was written by Dr. Rodney L. Peterson of Boston University School of Theology.)

Ignatius: Saving the Other’s Proposition

If I am to learn, I must approach the other’s proposition with openness. Winning an argument will get me nowhere and I will lose the light that the other’s perception could give me. But the other will learn also, coming to an understanding of his or her own proposition that will enrich it and lead deeper into truth.

New Blog by Ron Kraybill

JustPeace friend, colleague and former board member, Ron Kraybill has a new blog: We encourage you to check it out and subscribe!