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Resisting Interruption, Returning to the Story

(This is a guest blog post Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall. Ellen is a board member of JustPeace and an Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Conflict Transformation at Candler School of Theology).

Announcing Luther Smith as Guest Speaker at Atlanta Training

On Friday, 10/23 Dr. Luther E. Smith, Jr will be joining JustPeace in Atlanta for a luncheon conversation entitled Honoring Faith, Identity, and Community. This conversation will be part of a 2.5 day training, Leading Congregations Through Anxious Times.

Four Ingredients of Successful Congregational Change

If we want to be successful in our efforts to transform our congregations we will never attempt to do it alone, we will set an invitational tone, we will take the time to learn the system, and we will nest our community’s need for change in the sacred stories of our own religious tradition.

New book by W. Craig Gilliam – Where Wild Things Grow

Where Wild Things Grow invites us to grapple with the relationships between and among people and things; to live with complexity, mystery, uncertainty and ambiguity, to ask the beautiful questions and to find the invitation in each of these experiences