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For Such a Time as This

Kendra Dunbar’s guest post for Princeton Theological Seminary’s Institute for Youth Ministry: “Prophetic witness, inspired by and attuned to the Divine, acts on behalf of the whole landscape, is a steady drum beat for right relationships (righteousness), opens new spaces for creativity and life giving forces, holds the powers and the individuals to account, and ushers us toward God’s peaceable kingdom where peace with justice truly prevail”

JustPeace Youth Initiative

In 2016, JustPeace is beginning an initiative to survey, network, connect and support leaders in the United Methodist Church who are working with youth in the areas of conflict transformation, mediation, racial justice, intercultural exchange and/or peacebuilding. This is part of a larger Network Weaving Initiative supported in part by the GCORR CORR Action Fund that will cultivate and sustain networks of leaders committed to conflict transformation and cultural competency.

After Resilience

Communities grieve through tears, frustration, hopelessness, prayer, anger, inter and intra community violence, fear, self-determination, advocacy, and action. Communities grieve by asking questions, holding debates, enacting rage, seeking solidarity, isolating, demonstrating, and demanding changes in both practice and policy. There is no one-way to grieve. Further, all manifestations of grief are present in each and every community. Recognizing the grief process, for both individuals and communities, opens the door to a new realm of possibilities.