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Honoring All Our Relations

I am reminded of friends who continue to teach me about life and a way of being that honors Creator and Creation. Learning from their deep wisdom about how to “honor all our relations” – a way of being, living and learning from the sacred interconnectedness of all living creatures in Creation – has been humbling and life enriching.

Bathed in Prayer

Symbols and words have different meanings and intents. What does it mean for us to ask questions and listen to another’s experiences, history, and lens? With God’s help, let us prayerfully prepare ourselves to be welcoming in our conversations. Stephanie Anna Hixon reflects on a story she heard from JustPeace board member Tom Albin.

Engaging Conflict at General Conference

The UMC General Conference can be a place of inspiration and exhilarating celebration through worship and prayer and interactions with persons throughout our connection. It can also be a place of deep pain and an awareness of the fractures within the Body of Christ.