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hpslide-freeatlastDeepening the coursework in seminaries and facilitating educational opportunities for congregations, conferences and districts, United Methodist organizations, pastors, lay leaders, youth, youth leaders, conflict transformation professionals, conflict transformational volunteers and others.  We seek to call forth, strengthen and equip individuals and organizations who can engage conflict constructively in their context. In doing so, we are also lifting up those who embody and share a culture of JustPeace – the JustPeace way.

  • Educating Key Leaders  – Continued ongoing quality training in the principles of JustPeace and best practices of engaging conflict well provided for denominational leaders, pastors, adult and youth lay leaders throughout The United Methodist Church and other faith traditions.
  • Workshops and Trainings – faith-based conflict transformation trainings and workshops several times throughout the year. Beyond our regular offerings, we are glad to work with you to bring the kind of training event that will equip participants with the skills and processes they need.
  • Seminary Initiative – JustPeace is committed to educating the next generation of leadership by establishing conflict transformation deep in the life of seminaries across the country.

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Where Angels Dare to Dance now available as an E-book

In the last few years, Craig Gilliam’s Where Angels Dare to Dance has been one of JustPeace’s most popular resources. Due to its popularity and demand, we decided to offer the book as an ebook in addition to the printed version. It is available in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Click here to purchase it through the JustPeace store.

New Blog by Ron Kraybill

JustPeace friend, colleague and former board member, Ron Kraybill has a new blog: We encourage you to check it out and subscribe!

10 Topics that can Escalate Anxiety in Congregations

In congregational life, some common topics activate anxiety. I call these hot buttons or triggers of anxiety. When these topics emerge, anxiety appears and can easily escalate. Although the list is not exhaustive, it highlights some common topics that escalate anxiety in congregations with whom I have worked:

7 Essential Components of Conversational Leadership

This process of conversational leadership is a way of growing, deepening and broadening the container, so the deeper, more important, courageous conversations can happen. The container has to do with its quality, paying attention to the group field; the clarity and interaction of intention and attentiveness, each of which help establish context; to monitor if it is too palpable? As the leader, influencing the quality of the container is our first job and very closely, it is inviting others to share that responsibility with us.