At the heart of peacebuilding is the term – justpeace – originally gifted to us by John Paul Lederach. At its core, justpeace focuses on a process of peacebuilding rather than any one specific agreement or outcome. Peacebuilding can include a variety of adaptive processes, structures and practices rooted in relationships and characterized by low violence and high justice.

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Book Review: When Blood and Bones Cry Out

When Blood and Bones Cry Out contains one of the best explanations of why the circle process has become so important in conflict transformation. The circle is a container for ritual, covenant and conversation. The talking piece allows for all the voices to be heard as it passes around the circle. The stories begin to connect, and natural frequencies are found that have resonance and sonic echo. What if churches, through their rituals and conversations, could develop such resonance and sonic echo? The Lederachs have given us a metaphoric gift that might have profound implications for churches’ role as places of social healing in our communities.