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JustPeace creates a variety of resources to further the theology, theory and practice of conflict transformation.  These resources are for everyone. We are all involved in conflict, in our families, our workplaces, our congregations, and our communities. We can all be constructive in the way we engage conflict, making it an opportunity for growth, learning, healing, and even revelation. We can all be a mediating presence in the midst of conflict, even when we are a party to the conflict, encouraging dialogue and collaboration. We are all called to be reconcilers.

You will also find resources for mediators, facilitators, and conflict transformation consultants, especially for those who see their work as deeply spiritual and want to ground their theory and practices of conflict transformation in the Biblical and spiritual life: loving God, neighbor and self; being reconciled and being a reconciler.


  • Store – Find all written resources created by JustPeace and JustPeace staff here, including books, booklets and digital downloads.
  • Articles – Here you will find articles written by JustPeace staff and others that focus on appreciative inquiry, conflict transformation, emotional systems theory, peace building, restorative justice and trauma healing.
  • Tools – Click here to learn more about some of the tools and processes we use often and recommend to others.
  • Videos – This link takes you to the JustPeace Youtube page where you will find supplemental videos for some of our resources, as well as video highlights for past events.
  • Recommended Readings – We have compiled a “Recommended Readings” list on for those who want to dive deeper into the theology, theory and practice of conflict transformation.  This is not a comprehensive list, but some key readings that we recommend to get you started.

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Where Angels Dare to Dance now available as an E-book

In the last few years, Craig Gilliam’s Where Angels Dare to Dance has been one of JustPeace’s most popular resources. Due to its popularity and demand, we decided to offer the book as an ebook in addition to the printed version. It is available in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Click here to purchase it through the JustPeace store.

Meaningful Conversations on Race

David Anderson Hooker recently participated in a General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) video series called Vital Conversations. The video of his talk is supplemented by GCORR produced resources including a Discussion Guide and a quiz.