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Our artistry is our ministry

What is your art? What is your dream calling you to do that you have always wanted to do but have been afraid to take the first step? Where is life for you?

Hope for this Advent

Dear friends of JustPeace,The staff and board of JustPeace greet you in the name of the One who comes bringing peace to all. In Advent, our churches use beautiful hues of purple and blue on pulpits, communion tables and banners.  Blue, the ancient color for Advent, lifts our eyes to the Bethlehem sky. It is also the […]

Musings on Advent

Whether pursuing our longing literally or symbolically or some of both, longing is about falling to the center of our longing. Advent invites us to be intentional about the search.

After Resilience

Communities grieve through tears, frustration, hopelessness, prayer, anger, inter and intra community violence, fear, self-determination, advocacy, and action. Communities grieve by asking questions, holding debates, enacting rage, seeking solidarity, isolating, demonstrating, and demanding changes in both practice and policy. There is no one-way to grieve. Further, all manifestations of grief are present in each and every community. Recognizing the grief process, for both individuals and communities, opens the door to a new realm of possibilities.

From around the web – October 24, 2014

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too! October 24 , 2014 CBSNEWS: Crime, Punishment and Redemption – This program looks at how the faith community helps returning citizens and their families put their lives back together after incarceration and features Doug […]