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Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too! October 3 , 2014 Harvard Business Review: What to Do When Anger Takes Hold  – Peter Bregman offers a thoughtful and compelling reflection about anger with practical advice about how to experience strong emotions without letting them […]

Musings on Silence

Most leaders speak 80% of the time and listen 20%. The best leaders reverse that equation, listening 80% and speaking 20%. Being in silence and being with silence expands the circle of listening and hearing, thus the depth of leaders. Silence: a gift, a blessing, the spirit’s pulsating soul. What I would give for some time of silence, I often think. When my wish is granted, I disrupt it and flee from it by creating a distraction or cacophony of sounds. Do I really want that for which I ask, SILENCE? What is silence and what role does it serve for the ripening of our deep self, or our souls?