JP101 TableWorking with congregations, organizations and communities to resolve costly disputes through consultation, mediated or facilitated conversations or other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Our experience is that people support what they create. JustPeace does not offer a cookie cutter approach but designs the process based on the needs of the community. Our role in part is to create and hold space so that what needs to emerge can. The process we use often includes a whole systems approach. The narrative of the congregation and the individuals in it are often the place we begin.

From a focus on weakness to strength,
From a position of “stuckness” to adaption,
From anxiety to clarity,
From problem to challenge,
From reaction/resistance to response,
From confusion to options,
From reactivity to self-regulation,
To invite healing and reconciliation,
To assist the community in its growth, clarity,
and effectiveness.

– Dr. W. Craig Gilliam

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Processes included in JustPeace services

Consultation: a process of asking an outside source to observe, listen, ask questions and make suggestions around how to handle issues within a group or organization. This process is distinguished by the focus on the outside person rather than the group. The group engages this process by providing information and allowing the observation of the consultant.

Dialogues and Circles: processes of sharing the experiences of all participants in their own words and of listening for understanding. These processes are focused on providing a safe and sacred environment for the sharing of personal stories and active listening. If the goal of the dialogues or circles is to make a decision on a particular issue, such decisions are usually made by consensus.

Corporate Discernment: a process of raising awareness and making decisions that trusts in God’s companionship and revelation. This process can be distinguished by the sharing of spiritual practices and reflections, openness to the movement of the Spirit, and the building of consensus around an issue, based upon the interpretation of God’s will.

Group Facilitation: a general process of assisting a group toward their goal. For example, a facilitator might assist a group with an appreciative discovery of strengths and options for moving forward through a change or conflict. This process can be distinguished by the variety of ways it can be applied by the facilitator.

Mediation: a process of working through situations involving conflict with the guidance of an impartial third party. This process is generally set apart by qualities such as the mediator’s impartiality, the control the parties have over the resolution, the confidentiality of the process and the fact that participation in the process is voluntary. It should be noted that different methods of group facilitation are often utilized together within the same meeting. The distinctions drawn here are for the purposes of discussion and description of the services offered through JustPeace. What will make these processes transformative is the spirituality which we bring to them, and invest them with, and the gifts and graces of the facilitators and participants, and the presence of the Holy in our midst.

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