From around the web – October 24, 2014

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

October 24 , 2014

  • CBSNEWS: Crime, Punishment and Redemption – This program looks at how the faith community helps returning citizens and their families put their lives back together after incarceration and features Doug Walker, who directs the Healing Communities Partnership at the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society

  • UMCMission: Peace, Restorative Justice and Human Rights in Mozambique – an interview with Alfiado Zunguza – Editor of New World Outlook magazine, Christie House, interviews former JustPeace board member, Alfiado Zunguza about Mozambique and the United Methodist Ministry there, Justapaz.

    “The leaders of The United Methodist Church decided to become involved in the reconciliation process. United Methodist churches spanned most of the country. The national church set up a Department of Mediation and Conflict Resolution to train its laity and clergy, along with representatives from other denominations, in conflict resolution strategies and effective methods of mediation.”

  • Shalem Mental Health Network: Transformation Can Be Messy  – Jennifer Bowen, the Clinical Director of Shalem Mental Health Network’s Counseling Services, reflects on the messy struggle of transformation while watching a butterfly emerge.

“So often our own struggles of transformation go unseen, and can feel desperate and private. We experience a trauma, an illness or an ending, and we are forced to change to survive. People eventually comment about the elegance and grace of recovery at the end of the process, but have little knowledge of the brute force involved in the survival.”

  • Faith & Leadership: Renewing community in a networked society  – L. Gregory Jones explores the challenges  congregations face as the “middle ring” of relationships in our communities vanish.

    “Congregations and other forms of Christian community can and should gather people across divides, focus on forming relationships that bear witness to the fullness of God’s reign, and embrace issues across sectors and institutions that, sadly, currently exist more as silos than as networks (including the church).”

  • New York Times – Three Short Films About Peace  – The New York Times has three short inspiring films by filmmaker Errol Morris that feature peacemakers Leymah Gbowee, Lech Walesa and Bob Geldof.

“These films are short, each roughly 15 minutes in length. They could have been much longer. But each tells a story. I hope they all have one or two memorable moments. Here’s one that I find particularly meaningful: I asked Leymah Gbowee whether the women’s movement in Liberia needed her. She said no. It was the opposite. She needed it. Through her activism, she was able to restore her own faith in humanity and in the power of each and every individual to effect positive change.”

  • DNAinfo Chicago: Peace Room Trumps Suspensions at Lincoln Park High School – Listen to a radio clip discussing the huge success of restorative justice practices at Lincoln Park High School in Chicago.

    “Most recently a student refused to take his hat off in class and cursed out the teacher when he was repeatedly told to do so.

    In the past, that would have likely ended with a suspension, but instead the school’s new restorative justice specialist, Kristin McKay, spoke with the student and teacher separately and learned the student was dealing with the death of a close friend.

    The idea is to give kids space to talk about how they feel about a conflict, McKay said.”

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