From Around the Web – December 5, 2014

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

December 5 , 2014

  • United Methodist Reporter – “Student veterans find community in Bible Study” – Jane Donovan, professor of religious studies at Western Virginia University

    “Many of the veterans I spoke with felt they couldn’t can’t live with something they did or something they saw in conflict,” Donovan said. “They are coming back with a lot of guilt and a lot of need for forgiveness.”

  • The Boston Globe – Grant will help city nurture dialogue on race – Boston, MA to receive funds from the Rockefeller Foundation to be part of the “100 Resilient Cities” network. The grant will pay for a chief resiliency officer to lead the effort and support for strategic planning.

    “Walsh applied for the grant in September, noting ‘well-documented and widely shared’ challenges facing Boston and other cities, such as widening achievement gaps, growing income inequality, and accelerating environmental change.”

  • Virginia Annual Conference – A Day of Holy Conversation: Youngest panelist has words of wisdom for all – During a recent “Day of Holy Conversation” hosted by Woodlake UMC in the Richmond District in Virginia to provide space for dialogue and listening on the topic of sexuality and the United Methodist Church , a United Methodist student offered her insights.

“If we want to get anywhere together we need to agree that loving one another is more important than being right,” Greer continued. If we can do that, she concluded a few moments later, “we’re going to lose the easy answers, the feeling of safety and of being right. But we gain the Spirit.”

  • TedxTalks: “The Neuroscience of social conflict” – Tim Phillips, co-founder of Beyond Conflict, Scott Bader-Saye, talks about how the latest breakthroughs in brain science can stop violence.
  • Faith & Leadership: Holy Friendships – Rev. Christi O. Brown, a pastor in South Carolina, reflects in a sermon on the deep relationships that enable us to embody the gospel together.

    “He especially emphasizes togetherness and reciprocity, indicating that deep friendship is not a one-way street — it is a give-and-take from both sides, full of mutual caring, loving generosity and that interesting term “forbearance.” Among all of Paul’s beautiful and flowery words in this passage, perhaps the most intriguing concepts in terms of holy friendship are those of forbearance and synergy”

  • Christian Science Monitor – How to talk guns: First, get to know each other – Gregory Lamb writes about a gathering sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor, The Mantle Project and The Public Conversations Project that brought people with very different ideas together to talk about gun control.

    “Our experience is that people virtually never change their minds,” says Mr. Stains, who maintains a private practice as a family counselor. But getting people to be willing to work together productively, despite holding different views, can be a great step forward. “You treat each other differently once you know the other person’s story,” Stains says. A person who holds a different view becomes more human.

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