From Around the Web – January 9, 2015

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

January 9 , 2015

  • Christian Century – The War Within – Michael Yandell, an Army veteran and seminary student at Brite Divinity School, writes about the challenges of living with moral injury:

    “I also didn’t sleep much when I returned from Iraq. I could not sleep because I was disturbed—disturbed by the war and by my attempt to reenter a consumer-driven civilian life. I was bothered by a feeling I could not quite identify that I suspect keeps many from sleeping. “Moral injury” is a name for it.”

  • Huffington Post – How the Effects of Trauma Can Be Passed Down From One Generation to The Next – A new study not only shows that “exposure to traumatic stress during early life has detrimental effects on behavior across generations – it induces depression, antisocial behaviors, memory impairment” but positive effects of trauma like resiliency can also be transferred across generations in some cases:

    “Although the researchers emphasize that they are not suggesting that childhood trauma is positive in any way, the findings do suggest that experiencing trauma — if children are supported and able to cope effectively — could have positive as well as negative cross-generational effects.”

  • PeaceJam – Is Peace Even Possible in Modern, Global Society by Desmond Tutu – Tutu reflects about the hard work of building lasting peace and promotes a new campaign he and other Nobel Peace Laureates are launching with PeaceJam Foundation called the “One Billions Acts of Peace” campaign, a global citizens movement designed to inspire one billion acts of peace by the year 2019.

    “But the reality is that peace cannot be attained merely through signing a treaty, or ending a world war. Peace is not simply the absence of armed conflict. Peace must be built, brick by brick, step by step. Without social justice and human rights for all, there can be no such thing as a lasting peace.”

  • The Chronicle Herald: Restorative justice gets to the root of the evil – Danny Graham makes the case for restorative justice by arguing that when done well it is better for victims than a retributive system and that it does a better job of getting to, and addressing, the root causes of crime.

    “Of particular relevance to this case is that it is far more possible through restorative justice than in the mainstream system to identify and begin to address the systemic social problems that brought about these deplorable actions in the first place.”

  • Vanderbilt University – Re-Visioning Justice Conference (April 17-19th) – The “Re-Visioning Justice in America” Conference will be held April 17-19, 2015, at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, TN.  Registration will open in early January 2015. Please check back here for the link for full conference information and registration. Keynote speakers include Michelle Alexander, Bryan Stevenson and Howard Zehr.

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