From Around the Web – July 1, 2016

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

July 1, 2016 – Finding Peace from Conflict, post-Soweto: To mark the 40th anniversary of the Soweto uprising, South African and ecumenical church leaders from around the world gathered to explore ways to “take a proactive role in engaging and supporting initiatives for peacebuilding and justice, as a calling to fulfill God’s mission in the world.”

“Reconciliation is not just dialogue but also changing relationships,” David Wildam explained. “Real reconciliation is changing our relationships of power, of acknowledging past wrongs but also moving forward together.”

Congregational Consulting Group – Preaching our Principles, not Politics – David Brubaker offers helpful advice on how religious leaders can authentically lead during a contentious election season by preaching about principles in such a way that encourages conversation.

“Rabbis, priests and pastors may feel that they have only two options. Either they wade into the fray or they avoid political issues altogether. But there is a third path that is available—preaching our principles but not our politics. Effectively preaching our principles requires two traits—clarity and humility. First, we must be clear about what we believe and why we believe it. Second, we are most effective if we share our principles confessionally rather than prescriptively. (‘This is what I believe,’ instead of ‘this is what you should believe.’)”

UMNS – United Methodist safe after Istanbul attack – Thomas Kemper, top executive of the General Board of Global Ministries, was caught up in the terrorist attack at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Through his experience, Kemper sees the need for bridge building and being in solidarity with others around the world who are victims of violence and oppression.

“I saw, really, all these people as brothers and sisters,” Kemper pointed out, stressing the need to “make an effort to reach out” and say that faith groups stand for peace and that such violence can never be done in the name of religion.

NYT – War Wounds that Time Alone Can’t Heal – Jane Brody writes about moral injury and the difficult journey many veterans experience after they return home. In her article, she lifts up a new PBS documentary called Almost Sunrise that “depicts the emotional agony and self-destructive aftermath of moral injury and follows two sufferers along a path that alleviates their psychic distress and offers hope for eventual recovery.”

Faith & Leadership -Claudia May: Reconciliation requires us to observe, practice and take seriously how Jesus lived on earth – F&L interviews Claudia May, associate professor of reconciliation studies at Bethel University in St. Paul, about how the theology and practice of reconciliation is intrinsic to the life and ministry of Jesus.

“We cannot love God or others without God. We need each other and we need community to learn how to love. We need Jesus to teach us how to love.  And so we must learn from the one who created love — God. Through God’s guidance, wisdom, and strength, Jesus teaches us that we can confront and break down the walls of division that separate us from one another and God.”

Kay Pranis –  Restorative Justice and the Future of Racial Dynamics – the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) shares a video of Kay Pranis, peacebuilder and circle process expert, talking about the relationship between restorative justice and healing racial wounds.

General Commission on Religion & Race (GCORR) – Racial Justice Conversations Guide – GCORR has a new online conversation guide for congregations and small groups who wish to dive deeper into conversations related to racial justice.

“Are you seeking ways to engage others in difficult, but important, conversations—such as the topic of white privilege and/or racial inequality? The following resources are intended to help get you started and create building blocks for additional work.”


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