From Around the Web – June 5, 2015

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

June 5, 2015

  • RealLeaders: Desmond Tutu – “God is Not a Christian. Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu…”: In this interview, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu shares how Christians can create a more peaceful world by focusing on the humanity of others.

    Our failure to recognize the humanity in others lays the foundations for selfishness rather than selflessness. It leads to gross inequity and hideous disparities in qualities of life – and, often, the degradation of environments in which relatively poor people live. A world that recognizes the equal worth and vulnerabilities of all its people will be a much more peaceful place.

  • Harvard Business Review: If you want people to listen, stop talking – Peter Bregman offers important counterintuitive leadership advice: sometimes it’s not what you say, but your ability to listen that makes you trustworthy and persuasive.

    There are so many good reasons to be thoughtfully silent that it’s a wonder we don’t do it more often. We don’t because it’s uncomfortable. It requires that we listen to perspectives with which we may disagree and listen to people we may not like.

    But that’s what teamwork — and leadership — calls us to do.  To listen to others, to see them fully, and to help them connect their desires, perspectives, and interests with the larger outcome we all, ultimately, want to achieve.

  • Christianity Today: Formed by War – Combat wounds the soul, but the gospel offers hope.

    At the heart of the gospel is a narrative of creation, brokenness, redemption and reconciliation, and new creation. Kinghorn turns to this narrative for a rich language and set of practices through which each war veteran can understand “what it means to be claimed by a God who created a good world.” He points out that in Jesus Christ, we have a “paradigm of mental health and flourishing.”

  • Circle Space – Restorative Justice Circles with and for Veterans: Restorative Justice practitioner, Kris Miner, has created a training resource to use when training Restorative Justice Peacemaking Circles for Veterans. Click here to download it.


Upcoming Events & Opportunities

  • October 28-31st, 2015 – Pathways to Hope: Recovering from the Invisible Wounds of War – Leawood, KS. A project of the Soul Repair Center at Brite Divinity School in partnership with the Church of the Resurrection. This conference will educate service providers, medical care-givers, congregations, community and religious leaders, and veterans and their families about the struggles of reintegration into civilian society for those who have served in the military.
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