From around the web – November 6, 2014

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

November 6 , 2014

  • The Presbyterian Outlook: Conflict in Ordinary Churches – ” Leanna Fuller reminds readers that conflict isn’t unique to large congregations like Mars Hill, but is instead a natural, regular part of communal life that doesn’t always have to be destructive.

    “…how conflict is handled can make a huge difference in the degree of its lasting impact. Conflict that is dealt with openly – with a high degree of transparency and mutual accountability – has the potential to help a faith community clarify its values and move toward healing.”

  • HealthCare Professional Network: Moral Injury in Returning Veterans – Linda Hughes explains how moral injury is an existential state that many soldiers experience when returning from war, and that it needs to be differentiated from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. She also offers advice on ways therapists can help.

    “Among these patients. there’s a complete failure to forgive oneself, and complete condemnation (“I am a worthless human being!”). But the more patients avoid, the more it shows up. And the outcome is dangerous behavior, often not caring if they live or die”

  • UMNS – Bishops told holy conferencing key to revival  – United Methodist scholar, Rev. Kevin Watson, addressed the United Methodist Council of Bishops to “cultivate the Wesleyan practice of Christian conferencing” and to make it a theme for the upcoming 2016 General Conference.

Watson also emphasized that Christian conferencing should not simply be seen as a way to have polite disagreement. Instead, he said, it should be seen as “the distinctive way that Methodists gather together to talk about their relationship with God in order to grow in love for God and neighbor.”

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