From Around the Web – Oct 2nd, 2015

Below are some links to articles, videos and stories that JustPeace staff have enjoyed this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

October 2nd, 2015

  • Fuller Youth Initiative – Help Students to Embrace a Justice that Restores – Johanna Turner and Mary Glenn discuss restorative justice and how it can be used in youth ministry contexts.

    Through restorative justice, students can identify and resolve conflicts, restore values, repair relationships, and establish dignity while learning the building blocks of peacemaking.

  • Huffington Post – A Call to Leadership: Strategies for Building Restorative Communities – Dr. Artika R. Tyner argues that restorative justice can be a key tool for leaders to facilitate dialogues, manage conflicts, and strengthen communities.

    “Leaders are called upon to build new bridges, promote the common good, and uplift others. Restorative justice can serve as an indispensable tool for achieving these goals. Restorative justice focuses on the interrelatedness of the human experience and offers an alternative framework for resolving conflict and the resulting harm. It seeks to address the question of how to “make things right.”

  • Haley Jones – Reconciliation: a Facilitator’s Goal or Privileged Dream? Haley Jones, a graduate from Boston University School of Theology and former intern at JustPeace, is now interning at Coventry Cathedral with their Reconciliation Ministry. In her recent blog post she explores the meaning and definition of reconciliation and the role of facilitators in the process.

    “We are called to be reconcilers but we do not create reconciliation between people. We create moments for encounter where there is freedom for the Spirit to move in the name of an undeniable love. God sparks reconciliation, and in the meantime, we learn to remember and celebrate the dignity of all beings and things on the journey.”

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