Hope for this Advent


Dear friends of JustPeace,The staff and board of JustPeace greet you in the name of the One who comes bringing peace to all. In Advent, our churches use beautiful hues of purple and blue on pulpits, communion tables and banners.  Blue, the ancient color for Advent, lifts our eyes to the Bethlehem sky. It is also the color of Mary’s garments in classical Christian art. Purple, the color of royalty, summons us to a posture of humble, penitent yearning for the fullness of life the Messiah brings.

These colors guide us through turbulence in our nation and our world: grief, frustration and pain continue as people confess the fear and violence evident in places as diverse as Ferguson, Nigeria and Pakistan. The violence in our world is indisputable evidence: we are not yet the people of peace we are called to be.

How might the church help lead the world toward the reconciliation, justice and peace Christ offers to all people?

This is the central question addressed consistently by JustPeace, the organization formed in 2000 to be the center for conflict transformation of the United Methodist Church. Since that time, thousands of lay and clergy leaders have been trained and equipped to lead in the real world of human interaction and dynamic tensions. Resources continue to be provided for conflict transformation, mediation and reconciliation. The vision of JustPeace continues to grow.

JustPeace thanks you in this season of hope and peace for your faithful and prophetic witness in ministries of conflict transformation. The purples and blues of Advent help us name our hurts and hopes as Jesus, the Savior of the World, comes to us this Christmas. We wait with penitent and hopeful hearts for the fullness of God’s gifts of peace for every heart in every time in every place.

Your gifts are needed so that JustPeace continues to grow as a vibrant center for conflict navigation. Thank you for considering a gift to JustPeace as you welcome Christ this Christmas.

With gratitude for the peace and joy of this radiant season,

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward
President, JustPeace


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