• Soul Care Initiative
    The Soul Care Initiative is a new initiative launched by JustPeace in the summer of 2014 and coordinated by Chaplain David E. Smith. Working with partners within the United Methodist denomination and beyond, we continue to learn more about the impact of trauma, especially related to wounded warriors and their families. We are seeking to focus resources within local communities in the hope of cultivating networks of spiritual care and resiliency among congregations and faith partners. This initiative begins with companioning with U.S.veterans and their families, and the journey has the potential to deepen understanding, network effective resources and strengthen faith communities in various contexts.
  • JustPeace Congregations
    The vision of JustPeace is for at least 1% of all United Methodist churches worldwide will self-consciously prepare to be, and declare themselves to be, a JustPeace Congregation in their community – a sign of the desire for relationships that are whole and holy – with God, self, and others, especially with persons encountered daily in homes, neighborhoods, towns of every size and kind.
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