JustPeace Youth Initiative


In 2016, JustPeace is beginning an initiative to survey, network, connect and support leaders in the United Methodist Church who are working with youth in the areas of conflict transformation, mediation, racial justice, intercultural exchange and/or peacebuilding. This is part of a larger Network Weaving Initiative supported in part by the GCORR CORR Action Fund that will cultivate and sustain networks of leaders committed to conflict transformation and cultural competency.

Schools, community organizations, and youth agencies all over the country are beginning to educate and expose youth to conflict transformation and restorative justice practices as a means to diminish incidences of violence and to equip youth to better manage conflict when it emerges.

As part of the this initiative, JustPeace is reaching out to United Methodist youth, youth pastors and other church leaders in an effort to support, connect and sustain their work. The goal is to identify these ministries, map assets, and then to intentionally weave leaders in this field as a way to facilitate peer learning. Our goal is to help sustain and broaden these efforts throughout the United Methodist connection so that the Church is equipped to accompany youth as they learn how to build bridges, make peace, sustain healthy relationships, and transform harms.

If you are someone (or know someone) with interest and/or experience in youth-oriented conflict transformation, restorative justice, mentor programs, peer mediation, anti-bullying racial justice, or peacemaking, we invite you to fill out this preliminary survey

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Kendra Dunbar at kdbunar@justpeaceumc.org



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