Knoxville News Sentinel: I am an American – Pastor Rennie Salata aims for reconciliation

The Knoxville News Senitel highlighted Rev. Rennie Salata and the work he’s doing to foster reconciliation in his church, Acton United Methodist Church, and the surrounding community in Enka, NC. Following the 2016 election, Rev. Salata’s congregation is engaging in dialogue across political differences and learning to “come together to support and love one another and continue to have a relationship despite those differences.”

“I hoped and I think we were successful in accomplishing the beginning of dialogue and also an opportunity for people to really look around and find some points of unity in the midst of such division. I hope that this will be a stepping-off point for my congregation and for this community, to engage in further dialogue, perhaps with people who are strange or foreign to them. I’d like to explore the possibility of having some public dialogue with a member of the Muslim faith, maybe even in concert with a member of the Jewish community. I’ve also talked with a another pastor about the possibility of doing a sort of reconciliation pilgrimage where we travel to different sites and places in the Asheville and Candler area, and just put ourselves in places where those we may not normally interact with live and have their daily lives as a means of further dialoging and understanding each other.”


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