New book by W. Craig Gilliam – Where Wild Things Grow




   Living is our call.
To this grand adventure,
                                              our mere being says we are invited. . .
                                               (The Invitation, pp. 70-71)


Where Wild Things Grow is W. Craig Gilliam’s debut book of 40 poems. It is now up on Amazon books. Even though it is already selling, the official launch date is Monday,  June 1.

Where Wild Things Grow invites us to grapple with the relationships between and among people and things; to live with complexity, mystery, uncertainty and ambiguity, to ask the beautiful questions and to find the invitation in each of these experiences

The purpose of the book is not simply to show ‘my poetry,” but it is to invite the reader to ponder their own art and artistry and how they bring that to their work/ministries.

Themes of the poetry are: mystery, invitation, courage, human sexuality, horizons, complexity, innocence and experience, memory, change, the moon and nature, extremes, poetry and many others.

Titles include: Horizons. It Seems A Mystery; Extremes are Easy; Heartbreak; What is Courage?; Musings on Silence, Behold;

The Invitation; At the edge of the abyss, prayer takes place; Faces of the Moon; Loves Many Forms; Your presence is an invitational mystery; why write long poems when the ones I read are short; and many others.

I hope you enjoy it and find it nurturing, challenging, thought-provoking and invitational to another way of seeing, being and doing.

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