Poetry makes nothing happen

In this Lenten Resource is the poem, “Poetry makes nothing happen,” by Craig Gilliam with a comment by a friend about the poem’s meaning for leaders; in addition, a Lent Prayer by Howard Thurman.

Poetry makes nothing happenPoetry makes nothing happen,
it simply blows on the smoldering embers
under the grey ash,
heart-felt fire for change,

inviting what is beneath
the surface of silent, still waters,
the river’s evasive currents
flowing downstream
into the open sea,

stillness in motion,
motion in stillness
sound in silence,
silence in sound
verbal means to a non-verbal source,
the still-point of creative encounters,

not doing,
is the focus;
neither true nor untrue,
but between,
where poetic muses evasively
invite us,
nowhere, everywhere
in the half-heard

time and eternity
stand in the same day,
gentle light,
subtle night,
its verse
as the moon
appears in
her soft,
radiant glow.

poem by W. Craig Gilliam

Comment from a Leader for Leaders on the poem:

A friend commented that this poem reminds him of the stance or way of being (as a leader) that is associated with the “magic” that is always available, right in the middle of most conversations, whether between individuals, organizations, (congregations or other communities), if we as leaders can only listen deeply, attentively and be still enough.

Lent is a season of conversation, which involves deep, attentive listening and being still.


Prayer for Lent by Howard Thurman:

Listen to the long stillness:
New life is stirring
New dreams are on the wing
New hopes are being readied:
Humankind is fashioning a new heart
Humankind is forging a new mind
God is at work.
This is the season of Promise.
Thanks for your ministry!
May God bless you!



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