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As the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001 approaches, hearts will turn again to the memories of violence and terror. Compounded with these are the memories of violence that continues in our communities and around the world.

JustPeace was created by the United Methodist Church for times such as this. In the midst of turbulence in the world, we are called to embody the life of Christ. We are a unique witness of United Methodist people. Through the ministries of JustPeace, we embody our commitment to live with peaceable strength and with restorative justice.

Through JustPeace, we facilitate and mediate, educate and nurture, network and equip, guide and resource.

We believe it is essential that United Methodists continue to claim our calling as people who offer Christ’s healing, reconciliation, restoration, and peace in every place.

For this reason, we invite United Methodists and other friends of JustPeace to reflect on the last 15 years and identify the ways in which you have seen God moving people in your congregation or community to become reconcilers or peacemakers.

We want to hear from you!

  • Join us in reflecting as we work to:
  • generate hope,
  • inspire others,
  • be in solidarity, and
  • encourage others to reconnect in the ways of JustPeace.

We will create an online collection that showcases these stories of reconciliation in the hope that your stories will inspire and motivate others to work towards reconciliation, restorative justice and peace in their own context.


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