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An Appreciative Inquiry Parable

Appreciative Inquiry offers new hope and new possibilities for congregations in the midst of change. Church leaders can invigorate their congregations by focusing on strengths and re-imagining the future. When done in the context of discerning God’s call, we celebrate what God has done and what God can do through the people of Jesus Christ.

Webinar: Appreciative Inquiry, Conflict Transformation and Faith Communities with Dr. Joy Samuels

This webinar will explore the possibilities of an Appreciative Inquiry approach with congregations impacted by conflict. Rather than focusing on problems to be diagnosed and treated, Appreciative Inquiry focuses on discovering and appreciating the best of what is, imagining what might be, designing what should be and creating what will be in a vital faith community.

Appreciative Inquiry: A Transformational Leadership Strategy

Appreciative Inquiry (AI), which grew out of Dr. David Cooperrider’s Ph.D. work in the 1980s, is a response to more traditional approaches that tend to focus on problems. Rather than focusing on problems, AI focuses on discovering and building on the life-giving forceswithin an organization. A core belief of AI is that in every organization, something works.