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The Choice in Conflict Transformation and Difficult Conversations

As ministers and leaders, knowing how to engage conflict and difficult conversations well is both a skill to learn and an art to cultivate. No longer is it optional. To be a minister and/or leader moving toward excellence, working with conflict and walking with others through difficult conversations is part of the terrain. It will help participants formulate both a theoretical understanding and practical steps for working with individuals and congregations caught in anxiety and conflict and/or facing difficult conversations.

In this seminar, we will explore questions such as: What is at the heart of conflict? Why do so many conflict and change efforts fail? What is the best way to impact or influence conflict situations or change efforts so that communities are invited to grow and bring sustainable healthy change and peace? How do we engage in a way that increases the opportunity for response and minimizes resistance? What are some components we can put in place to help have difficult conversations?

Restorative Justice & Church Conflicts

The principles of restorative justice are indeed prophetic ones as they provide a framework for doing the work that God has called us to do with both victims and offenders.

Conflict in the Church

On one hand, most of us haven’t been taught that conflict need not be feared or avoided, that it is often needed and healthy for a family or congregation. On the other hand, in a society where winning is everything, we often can’t find alternatives to choosing sides, backbiting, beating the opponent into submission or walking away.