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Raymond G. Helmick, SJ: A Eulogy by Rodney L. Peterson

(We celebrate the life of Father Ray Helmick (September 7, 1931-April 21, 2016). He was a friend of JustPeace and colleague of Tom Porter through the Boston Theological Institute. This eulogy was written by Dr. Rodney L. Peterson of Boston University School of Theology.)

Creating a Container for Conversation

If a strong enough container has been built, then when the heat gets intense, the container can hold, which helps transform the content in the container and the container itself as well as the participants and the DNA or soul of that collective community

New Blog by Ron Kraybill

JustPeace friend, colleague and former board member, Ron Kraybill has a new blog: We encourage you to check it out and subscribe!

2016 Iowa United Methodist School for Ministry

The 2016 Iowa United Methodist School for Ministry vision is a school that helps pastors & laity utilize Family Systems Theory and the UM Connection to strengthen their ministry. Congregations can adopt new ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as learn how spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders influence the emotional needs of the people.

Engaging Conflict

In distinguishing between the acceptance of people and the rejection of their ideas, we engage them as parts of God’s creation fully worthy of consideration and relationship

Do we really need conflict resolution?

The problem with “conflict resolution” is that it creates or reinforces the notion that conflict is bad, sinful and destructive and should not exist. Once we stop seeing resolution as an end in itself, we can understand more clearly the real nature of the underlying conflict — what it says about the system, the living body and its needs.