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Where Angels Dare to Dance now available as an E-book

In the last few years, Craig Gilliam’s Where Angels Dare to Dance has been one of JustPeace’s most popular resources. Due to its popularity and demand, we decided to offer the book as an ebook in addition to the printed version. It is available in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Click here to purchase it through the JustPeace store.

Creating a Container for Conversation

If a strong enough container has been built, then when the heat gets intense, the container can hold, which helps transform the content in the container and the container itself as well as the participants and the DNA or soul of that collective community

2016 Iowa United Methodist School for Ministry

The 2016 Iowa United Methodist School for Ministry vision is a school that helps pastors & laity utilize Family Systems Theory and the UM Connection to strengthen their ministry. Congregations can adopt new ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as learn how spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders influence the emotional needs of the people.

Emotional Systems, Conflict Transformation and Faith Communities with Dr. W. Craig Gilliam

This webinar will explore the lens of seeing congregations as emotional systems, especially during times of high anxiety and conflict. Transforming such anxiety and conflict is both an art and a science. We will discuss anxiety and its impact on congregations/communities and best practices for helping communities find their way through it. In this conversation, we will also explore the theologian Martin Buber’s insights on an I-Thou way of being to help congregations and leadership grow through conflict and become stronger, deeper and more vital.

A Reflection for Ministry: Meeting our Shadows

When individuals and groups are aware of the shadow, their own and others, they are more accepting, forgiving, compassionate and loving, acting for justice while having mercy, honor and humility. To change the shape of ourselves is to change the shape of the shadow we carry and cast. To become transparent is to know, accept and relate to one’s shadow appropriately. I have heard people say that we can lose our shadows altogether, but I think to be human is to carry a shadow

A Time and Season for All Things: Does that include procrastination?

Is procrastination always negative? Can it teach us something important? Are there times when we call something procrastination, meaning its negative, when in fact, it is not? Can “procrastination” hold positive meaning and significance? This article explores these questions thinking about the light and shadow side of procrastination.

A Healthy Commitment to We

Whatever we do on the surface, what people react, resist or respond to is who we are being in our hearts and souls when we do it. The deeper place of the heart/soul is the soil from which authentic presence, integrity and influence blossom and are cultivated, nurtured and grown. The way of our hearts/souls determines influence.