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Engaging Conflict at General Conference

The UMC General Conference can be a place of inspiration and exhilarating celebration through worship and prayer and interactions with persons throughout our connection. It can also be a place of deep pain and an awareness of the fractures within the Body of Christ.

Engaging Conflict through the Lens of Soul Care

What can the faith community do to understand these challenges and journey with our veterans toward healing? The veteran’s story is sacred as is the faith community’s story. By understanding the veteran’s story in the context of the spiritual meaning within a particular faith community context, we then can relate to the person, not the war. This is the most important step toward developing a relationship of trust with the veteran and their family. The faith community can role model this technique for engaging conflict.

Engaging Conflict

In distinguishing between the acceptance of people and the rejection of their ideas, we engage them as parts of God’s creation fully worthy of consideration and relationship