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Knoxville News Sentinel: I am an American – Pastor Rennie Salata aims for reconciliation

The Knoxville News Senitel highlighted Rev. Rennie Salata and the work he’s doing to foster reconciliation in his church, Acton United Methodist Church, and the surrounding community in Enka, NC. Following the 2016 election, Rev. Salata’s congregation is engaging in dialogue across political differences and learning to “come together to support and love one another and continue to have a relationship despite those differences.”

Mother’s Day, United Methodists and Reconciliation

Statistics say that 20.7 billion dollars will be spent on moms in honor of the U.S. holiday that falls on the second Sunday in May: Mother’s Day. All that cash and commercialism goes against everything the women who originated the idea wanted. In this video, meet the Methodist mother and daughter team who worked to create a day to honor a mother’s love and to emphasize how important a mother’s role is in building a peaceful world.