Below are links to information about only some of the tools and processes we have found that provide ways to build up, a way to turn conflict to purpose, to restore people and relationships, and to build changed community. For resources and books JustPeace has developed about these tools and more, visit

Circle Process – As we have worked in the field of conflict transformation, we have found that the circle process is the most powerful process for providing a space where people, even in conflict, can have a good conversation to get to a good place together.

Relational Covenants – This is a sample covenant that can be used for circle conversations.  These guidelines are best expressed, in the theology and tradition of the church, by the word “covenant,” a mutual agreement that binds people together, honors the other party, and requires mutual accountability and responsibility.  

Good Conversation – From our experiences with JustPeace, we have come to learn the power of conversation. Much of the conflict we face in life is a result of a lack of conversation or poor communication. And, conflicts are often resolved – even transformed – by practicing good conversation.


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